In my travels in Australia I am fortunate enough to meet with key people in the business of Corrections. This is a vital and often underplayed area of social services, and often the target of media attention for all the wrong reasons. It is a sector that has a number of inherent issues and it is generally not well understood by the general public. In my discussions there are several common issues that are highlighted to me, key among these include overcrowding, recidivism and the imbalance of indigenous inmates in our prisons. Comparing Australia to countries like Sweden and the Netherlands who are closing prisons because of lack of customers, we continue to build new and bigger prisons. How are some countries able to reduce their prison populations while Australia’s continues to grow? There are many reasons for this, but one that several Australian jurisdictions is focused on is the introduction of a better through-care model. One enabler for better through-care is better computer based case management systems.

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