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What are Special Purpose Machines?

Special Purpose Machines, commonly known as SPM’s, are machines that are not available off-the-shelf. They are commonly used in assembly lines in conjunction with robots when a variety of tasks and movements are required.

Applied Robotics has over three decades of experience designing and building globally competitive SPM’s across a range of industries to increase productivity, workplace safety and bottom lines.

Our Customer Service is Bespoke, just like Our SPM’s

We use a lean systematic design process to collaborate with our clients and discover the best way to create value for them. This includes, but is not limited to identifying key inputs and outputs, analysis of the products/materials that will be handled and determining key machine requirements and features.

Turnkey Special Purpose Machine Development Phases

Consultation with our clients continues throughout our stage-gated machine development process which comprises of three phases: design, manufacturing, and integration.


We visualise and test the validity of multiple SPM concepts using 3D CAD mock-ups, robot simulations and cycle-time analysis. During a presentation we reveal our final concept, outline how the world-renowned technology that it incorporates works and answer any questions clients may have. Clients also receive a written concept proposal and quote.


Key mechanical and electrical engineering details are drafted to facilitate the fabrication and assembly of mechanical parts and electrical wiring. SPM software is developed and programmed in accordance with the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT).


A complete end-to-end solution, we deliver, install and commission the physical SPM on-site. This includes electrical wiring, connectivity, a Site Acceptance Test (SAT) and operator and staff maintenance training.

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