How modular Robotic design works 

How modular Robotic design works 

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The adoption of automation to improve workplace safety has never been more appealing than during COVID-19.

In the past, automated technologies were used to improve safety and prevent workplace accidents. Employees no longer had to work in unsafe and hazardous conditions. Automated Mobile Robots also known as AMR’s, replaced Forklifts to reduce the likelihood of accidents caused by human error.

Now automation has the added bonus of improving workplace safety by helping businesses mitigate the risk of in-person contact and deal with staff shortages, reducing the pressure on fatigued and overworked shadow staff.

Robotic Hot Billet Loading System by Applied Robotics

As businesses rapidly incorporate automation into their business models to improve workplace safety whilst operating in the “new normal,” it is important to remember the following: 

  • A comprehensive risk assessment is essential
  • Safety requirements must be addressed with staff extensively
  • Use predictive maintenance to prevent accidents and down-time
  • Have a strong understanding of appropriate safety codes and practices

How is your company improving workplace safety?

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