International markets that have adopted automation early have reaped the benefits of increased productivity and revenue. Australia is behind the technological eight ball, ranking 86th in world for economic complexity according to [source + year].

Many delay the benefits of automation as they are unsure where to begin, time poor or simply too close to the problem to see the solution. That is where Applied Robotics’ comes in, taking Australian manufacturing to a new level of commercial competitiveness globally.



Our Automation Discovery Program, also known as ADP, is designed to help businesses navigate the best automation solution to fit their production needs. It includes a free observation workshop led by our in-house innovation team of industrial designers, engineers, and commercial strategists, providing a third-party perspective on the operation. Whether it be an end-to-end robotics solution applied to the whole production process or a targeted area, Applied Robotics’ hands on approach to the ADP maximises our ability to deliver.


Not only are site walk-throughs a terrific opportunity to observe the production process, but they also allow us to discuss in-depth the production needs of key stakeholders. This includes identifying crucial innovation elements, such as problem validation, technical feasibility, and commercial return on investment.


If automation opportunities are discovered, we leverage our 35+ years of automation experience and knowledge of the latest available technologies to develop early design concepts and business case documentation. This documentation includes 3D CAD mock-ups, concept simulations and comparisons to existing solutions to meet businesses output opportunities and project scale.


We have the technical expertise and business knowledge to ensure our solutions are achievable and on-budget. We provide businesses with a tailored implementation strategy and use statistical analysis and modelling to calculate their return on investment.


We recognise the importance of timely and accurate detailed documentation on all proposals. To that end we offer our 21 DAY PROPOSAL GUARANTEE on standard proposals from the date of first meeting. After careful consideration and multiple iterations, we provide businesses with a working prototype and virtual concept demonstration. This is accompanied with solution and business case documentation to support businesses discussions and decisioning.