How modular Robotic design works 

In the business world, we are bombarded with headlines like “Adaptability: the new competitive advantage” and “Adaptability is key to business growth”. However, when it comes to adaptability, how easy is it to adapt modern technologies such as specialty machines and robotics into your business for that competitive advantage and business growth? Enter: modular robotic […]

How modular Robotic design works 

The adoption of automation to improve workplace safety has never been more appealing than during COVID-19. In the past, automated technologies were used to improve safety and prevent workplace accidents. Employees no longer had to work in unsafe and hazardous conditions. Automated Mobile Robots also known as AMR’s, replaced Forklifts to reduce the likelihood of […]

Can Australian Industries compete with China?

The emphasis on buying Australian-made to stimulate the Australian economy and create jobs has never been so pronounced. Data from Roy Morgan found that 93% of people are more likely to buy Australian made. Do people’s preferences translate into actions? From 2019-2020 Australia’s imports from China amounted to 83.4 billion dollars Regrettably, this fact suggests […]

How we used pneumatics to reduce client costs

The simplest design is often the best. Applied Robotics simplifies designs where possible, so our machines are affordable and easy to operate and maintain. On a recent automation project for a fast-moving goods assembly line, we identified that pneumatics was a suitable substitute for a servo motor to reduce costs for our client. Not only […]

How Cobots safely interact with humans

Collaborative robots, also known as cobots, are robots that are pre-programmed to detect humans when in a collaborative workspace. Unlike traditional robots that require segregation and physical guarding, cobots have sophisticated integrated collision detection systems that can detect collisions and quickly adjust the motor speed to prevent injury. Advanced cobots have built-in vision systems that […]

Why Robotics is not always the answer

Specialty Purpose Machines or Robots, that is the question when implementing automated production. The most financially viable option comes down to the number of axes the product is required to move. If only 1 or 2 axis movement is required then an automated machine, such as a conveyor belt, is ideal from a functional and […]