A Systems view approach was used to design the optimised factory layout for production output and safety. Applied Robotics managed all the automation of Carpet Tile handling which included:

– Custom design of Eight Specialty Machine lines leveraging Applied Robotics proprietary Vacuum Conveyors.
– Assisted in the Project management of over 2500 Engineers and technicians
– Organisation of a Global Logistics network capable of moving equipment weighing up to 2500 tonnes within six months.

Following the success of these lines’ duplicates of Applied Robotics’ unique machines were installed in Milliken’s UK and Japanese factories.

For Heavy

02-Capral Aluminium Hot Billet Loading

Leveraging Technology to eliminate Downtime

03-Capral Aluminium Hot Billet Loading

Increasing Safety
Through the elimination of line errors, Operators were no longer required to enter the Billet Press Loading Cell reducing Operator Risk.

04-Capral Aluminium Hot Billet Loading

Robust System Design

“Since the installation of Applied Robotics Solution at our Campbellfield site the line hasn’t missed a beat”

Richard A. (Engineering Manager, Capral)