Automation has been used to packing single variety biscuits for nearly 100 years. Due to the complexity of design and quality control of automating an assorted packaging line, manual labour is still often used to pack assorted biscuits worldwide.

For Arnott’s, the source of some of Australia’s most iconic home-grown bickies, the assorted packs were creating significant losses that were threatening the financial viability of production remaining onshore. Many international automation market leaders who had previously provided them lines for single variety biscuits viewed an assorted packaging line as not viable.

Dr Paul Wong developed a unique concept for quality control and packing of a variety of biscuits. Through a six-month feasibility study, Applied Robotics developed the world’s first automatic module for the packaging of multi-variety biscuits proving that a full line was technically achievable and commercially competitive.

Following the installation of the full system leveraging more than fifty (50) robots and sixty-four (64) vision systems Arnott’s continues to be “Aussie made and loved.”


02-Arnotts Biscuit Packing Line

World First Packaging Technology

To ensure each Biscuit remained intact the Biscuit Grippers featured force feedback servomotors creating a feather-like touch that replicates the dexterity of the human hand.

03-Arnotts Biscuit Packing Line

Machine Vision and Quality Control

04-Arnotts Biscuit Packing Line

Packing with Precision

“Applied Robotics brought together a team capable of the design and installation of the largest food and beverage automation project in the world for that year and the largest single food and beverage automation project in the Southern Hemisphere.”

Peter B. (ABB)