For peace of mind, Applied Robotics’ robust suite of maintenance and service offerings are designed to assist clients at each stage of their automation solution’s lifetime. From installation and preventive maintenance, through to rebuilds and refurbishments, our goal is to minimise downtime and maximise productivity whilst adhering to the highest health, safety and government regulations.

Mechanical and Electrical Installation

Adopting a safety-first methodology, our highly skilled and experienced engineers travel on-site to install the mechanical and electrical components of our automation solution with care.

Technical Training

Technical training for staff is pivotal to the success and reliability of automation solutions post-implementation. Applied Robotics supplies extensive on-site and factory-based training for businesses' staff so they can safely maintain and operate our solution with confidence.

Preventive Maintenance

Reactive maintenance can lead to costly downtime. Applied Robotics’ regularly scheduled preventive maintenance, ranging from component and software audits to plant maintenance, anticipates and responds to issues in advance to avoid inefficiencies and maximise returns.

Site and In-house Repairs

In the unlikely event that a product requires repairing, our specialist engineering teams conduct in-depth analysis either on-site or in-house. Once the issue has been identified, we deliver rigorously tested, cost-effective repairs within a short time frame so that production can resume as soon as possible.

Rebuilds and Refurbishment

To maximise value and minimise investment, it is often more efficient to rebuild and/or refurbish an existing automation system. To help businesses’ decision process, our experienced service team identifies which products can be re-used, replaced, refurbished, or discarded. Rebuilds incorporate existing functional machines with new and refurbished products to re-design a more efficient solution. On completion, we provide further assistance with the safe disposal of aged and obsolete equipment.

Maintenance Contracts

Nobody knows our clients integrated automation systems better than the people who designed and installed it themselves. Our 24/7 maintenance contracts allow us to continue our ongoing support tailored to specific operational and production needs. This includes access to online engineering support and emergency site visits for optimal productivity.