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Whether you’re breaking ground on a completely new house, or renovating your existing space, whether you’re looking to improve a single room in your home or are seeking a more extensive overhaul AKAP can help make sure the project is completed precisely to your specifications. We work with you, the architects, the construction workers, and anyone else involved, coordinating efforts efficiently. As a general contractor specializing in home renovations, AKAP has the tools, skill, and experience to help Nevada owners with a wide variety of projects we’ll oversee the management of the construction site to ensure that everything adheres to your vision and is completed in a timely manner. Call or visit AKAP in Nevada today to hear more about our services.


Though it may be tempting to tackle certain home renovations on your own, doing so can end up costing you more and taking longer than initially anticipated. Why struggle when our seasoned team of home renovation experts can complete your project in a timely, cost-effective fashion? At AKAP, we put our full attention into every job we undertake, no matter the size or scope. And because we value your business, we pledge to leave your home neat and tidy once our work is done.

Invest in your home with affordable, quality renovations from AKAP. To discuss your next project or schedule an on-site estimate, call us today.

With professional remodeling assistance, you can improve the quality of your home without moving away from the neighborhood you’ve grown to love. At AKAP, we have experts who take pride in their work.